Stateliners React to Immigration Proposals

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NATIONWIDE (WIFR) -- Today President Obama is in Las Vegas trying to rally support for a new bill making its way through congress.

The president supports a bi-partisan senate proposal to give approximately 11 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

The plan would allow illegal immigrants to gain temporary legal status if they pass a criminal background check, pay a fine and back taxes and learn English.

They can then apply to become a citizen behind people who started the process legally.

Maria Pena, an undocumented immigrant tells us, "many people come here with the same goals in trying to help their families, but they can't obtain a lot of the things that people who have papers would be able to."

She came to America sixteen years ago with the hopes of earning money to send back to her parents in Mexico.

Since then, she's had two children and has one more on the way. Though her children are legal U.S. Citizens, she is in the country illegally. But that soon may change.

Pena's cousin, Alma, became a citizen when she married her American husband. Alma says she's hopeful the government can help her family who constantly fear deportation.

"I see that they'e really considering those people who really want to study and be promoted in their jobs, or you know, have a better life. Bring this quality of life for their kids."

Pena's baby may be born into a world where his mother is on the path to becoming a citizen.

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