Stateliners Mark 12-12-12

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's a birthday tough to forget. Local hospitals tell us 16 babies have been born so far on 12-12-12

We stopped by SwedishAmerican Hospital this afternoon to welcome Brock Anthony Becker into the world. He was born around 4:30 this morning. His mom, Christine, never even thought about a 12-12-12 due date, because her due date was two weeks ago.

She says she's just happy to have a healthy and happy baby, and today's easy to remember date is just an added bonus.

"You know, it was definitely not planned, I thought he was going to be my Thanksgiving baby. I thought he was going to be born on November 28th, his due date, but we waited a full two weeks and he didn't come, and then today, here he is!” said Christine.

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