Stateliners Hope to Win $500 Million Jackpot

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- It's the largest Powerball Jackpot ever at half a billion dollars. Lottery tickets are selling quick, as Stateliners hope to become $500 million richer.

Keith Sanders and his new wife recently won 500 dollars on scratch off lottery tickets and he's taking that as a sign.

"We've been having good luck lately but we're hoping for the grand finale." That grand finale-- a $500 million payout.

The largest Powerball Jackpot yet. Keith already has plans for those millions. "Buy my mother a house, buy my wife and I a house and pay off a lot of bills," Sanders says.

In just 30 minutes, more than $200,000 in tickets were sold throughout Illinois. As owner of Central Park Tap, Bill Pritz says he's heard every superstition there is.

"Some people feel they gotta buy it directly from a clerk, sometimes a specific clerk," said Pritz.

He says winning the jackpot could be a boost to the community.

"I think it'd be a nice way of letting everyone know dreams do come true even here in Rockford."

The seller of the winning ticket also gets a pay off of 1%, which would be $5 Million Dollars. Pritz says he'd use the money for maintenance repairs.

The last winner was from Delaware and they won $50 million dollars in October. The Powerball drawing will be just before 10 p.m. tomorrow night.

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