Stateline Storm Cleanup

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Tree branches and limbs are scattered throughout the area and much of the debris is in Winnebago County. We found new damage today including a crushed car.

Chunks of tree scattered along Roscoe Rd. are being scooped up by the Winnebago County Highway Department. Crews have been working hard cleaning up storm debris.

"It takes time, you know you got to pull it out of the fence line sometimes and getting loaded on the truck and sometimes we don't have enough trucks, we get two trucks today," says machine operator Jerry Latin.

As crews clean up road damage, we're finding even more damage near homes. A massive tree snapped in half in the Northwoods subdivision in Roscoe Township. In the same backyard off Beaver Drive, fallen tree limbs also damaged the roof.

Down the road on Chantelle Lane, an even larger tree crushed a car and landed on a house.

"It could've been a lot worse," said homeowner Warren Jacobs.

Jacobs says he's just glad no one was hurt, especially with his young grandchildren visiting last night.

"I mean if (the tree) would've fallen when we were in the house or something. I just tried to even think about it hurting anybody."

Continuing to look on the bright side, the tree just missed his son's car.

Jacobs said, "It was kind of like parting of the Red Sea, it just missed his car completely."

The Winnebago County Highway Department was clearing debris from Gleasman, Owen Center and Elmwood roads. Trucks were also west of there, in Durand cleaning up broken branches.

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