Stateline Spotlight: Laundry Love Project Kicks Off in Rockford

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Imagine having to choose between eating a meal, or wearing clean clothes. It's a dilemma so many families in our community have to deal with every day.

In the first "Stateline Spotlight”, we’re shining the light on two women who are using their own money to make sure everyone has clean clothes.

"People always ask what my purpose is in life, and I found my purpose.”

What started out as a love for lottery tickets, is now motivating Celeste Boler to help those who are down on their luck.

"I played scratch off tickets and I wasn't winning and I thought, ‘Lord, there is a better way I can spend my money?"

That prayer was answered, along with the prayers, of dozens of Stateline families.

Boler teamed up with her co-worker, Amy Ramos to create “Laundry Love” a national group that uses spare change, to promote change, by washing clothes for people who can’t afford basic necessities.

“There are people out there that just don’t have this kind of support, where they can go wash their clothes.”

The money comes out of their own pockets and into the machines at the central Laundromat off Auburn Street, it’s a place where in the midst of financial hardship and personal struggle, there’s a sense of hope.

“It helps a lot, some people can’t afford laundry, and this helps a lot.”

Esha Lazario relies on the service once a month, she joins dozens of others who are forced to decide whether to keep the lights on, or have clean clothes.

“We have helped people who have need assistance and need help and that makes me happy, they didn’t ask for it, or expect it, we were just there.”
Two women, who pledge to “be there” for those who need a little extra “love”.

The services are completely free, including detergent and the fee will be paid for by these women. The event runs the third Wednesday of every month. A single person will get two loads while families receive four loads.

Both women say they don't want recognition, they just want to help. They tell us say they put it into their budgets instead of buying a Starbucks or lottery ticket, they spend it here. You can call (815) 621-8827 if you would like to help out.

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