Stateline Spotlight: Fighting Domestic Violence

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Less than a month after a Freeport woman is killed a day after filing an order of protection against her boyfriend, we take a closer look at domestic violence here in the Stateline, a crime that keeps police extremely busy.

Rockford Police typically respond to 350 domestic violence related calls every month which makes up for about 25% of the violent crimes in the city.

In tonight’s Stateline Spotlight, we sit down with a local mother whose daughter Amanda was killed by her boyfriend in 2009. What she’s doing five years after the tragedy to fight domestic violence.

“I’m shocked at how many people have come forward and how it is so prevalent in our community. Outside of Amanda’s case, I don't know anyone who hasn't been touched by domestic violence,” said Diane Reed, who lost her daughter Amanda to domestic violence.

In tonight’s Stateline Spotlight find out what Diane Reed is doing to save lives and why no one has taken her up on a high school program she says she’s willing to pay for and organize in an effort to stop the violence.

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