Stateline Spending Big Bucks for Fireworks

BELOIT (WIFR) -- Even if you’re not staying in Wisconsin for the weekend, quite a few businesses just north of the Stateline are booming, literally. Families aren’t afraid to spend big bucks for a fireworks show.

Lori Sibigtroth buys more than $100 worth of fireworks in Beloit every year. She says it’s all worth it when she sees the look on her family’s faces.

“We’ve always done it for the kids, it’s just something that they get to look forward to and a way to teach them to celebrate the country,” Lori said.
That’s why so many Stateliners spend big bucks at Cornellier Fireworks. “I have customers that will come in and spend like $2,000.”

General Manager Brad Lawver hopes for a better customer turnout this year. Lawver says sales dropped to under $50,000 last year because of the drought.

“With it being on Thursday and falling so close to the weekend, we’re hoping Friday and Saturday, we’re open every day, but hopefully Friday and Saturday we’ll pick up some sales,” Lawver said.

Customers like David Huntley are helping to boost those sales now. He drove from Rockford to spend nearly $200 worth of fireworks.
“It’s kind of like a must with my kids. They always ask ‘Daddy, more fireworks this year right?’ So I can’t let them down, gotta let them have some fun,” Huntley said.

It’s that family fun many customers are counting on.

Keep in mind, Stateline police say it’s best to leave the fireworks to the professionals.

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