Stateline School Superintendent Under Investigation

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- The Freeport school district superintendent Roberta Selleck is under investigation.

Just what she's being investigated for is unclear. The school board president confirmed in a letter released this week that Selleck has been on leave since the beginning of July and the board is looking into some of her "certain administrative decisions and actions."

Selleck had told other media outlets that she wasn't working because she was taking care of her sick husband, however board president Janice Crutchfield says Selleck was never approved to take time off for that reason.

The investigation was not addressed at Tuesdays school board meeting, much to the dismay of many Freeport parents who were looking for answers as to why their superintendent hasn't been at work and why she's being investigated.

Many people left Tuesday's meeting disappointed what they're calling a lack of transparency.

The school board president says she will not divulge too much information as this is a "personnel" issue.

We'll continue to closely monitor this situation.

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