Stateline River Levels Keep Rising

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Multiple Stateline rivers are expected to crest by Monday some two feet above flood stage forcing some people to consider sandbagging their homes.

Winnebago County says river levels will end up higher then they first expected because it just keeps raining. Even though, rivers won’t reach the same levels they did back in April.

Mike Feierday lives right off the Rock River near Latham Road and says this past April’s flood brought water up to his house, but thankfully for him things aren't as bad this time around. His dock behind his home usually stands six feet over the river but today you’d have to swim to get to it. Winnebago County says Rock River levels by Feierday’s home sit at just under 12 feet, which is two feet over the flood stage, and almost six feet higher than the river usually sits.
Feierday says his family should avoid any damage this time, but he still gets nervous when it rains.

“I got up this morning and I looked out and thought ‘Oh, come on. No more rain. Please, give us a break.'" said Feierday. "Luckily the water is staying where it’s at.”

Brian Blosser Volunteers with Winnebago County by monitoring rivers levels at the Justice Center in downtown Rockford. He's been taking phone calls from worried people all day.

"Generally they are nervous," said Blosser. "M ost of them already have the water out of their basements and things cleaned up from the previous flood. Now they have to deal with it over again so you can hear frustrations in their voice."

Feierday says he won’t need sandbags this time, but if you think you might, Winnebago County says these are the places to get them:

New Milford Fire Station, 2177 Will James Road

Harlem Roscoe Fire Station, on Main Street in Roscoe

Michalsen Office Furniture, 8010 N. 2nd Street, Machesney Park

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