Stateline Residents React to Medical Marijuana Law

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- For thousands the new medical marijuana law means they can live with less pain legally.

"It's a good thing for Illinois. It's a good thing for people that are sick and have chronic illnesses. It's definitely a blessing," Nick Wolf, who uses medical marijuana, said.

Wolf is dying of liver cancer. After nearly a year of treatment, the 31-year-old father says the only thing that can ease his pain is smoking pot.

"By just taking the little pain medications that are prescribed to me I can get up, I can get out of bed, I can go do things with my kids. I can enjoy what I've got left of my life with my kids," he said.

For Tom Carter marijuana has a similar affect. He struggles with shooting pains through his body caused by Ricketts Disease.

"It relaxes you more than your pills and stuff," he said.

These men have not only struggled to manage their diseases, they've fought an uphill battle when it comes to their medical marijuana. Carter had to stop smoking pot and bear the pain to keep his social security checks coming.

"If you are on the pot then you've got to get off of it or you will get kicked off of social security," he explained.

Wolf lost his home after his landlord smelled marijuana in the house. After that he started handing out letters urging others to support medical marijuana laws.

Wolf says he now feels a sense of satisfaction knowing Governor Quinn signed the legislation, even if it won't help him.

"I think it’s a blessing if maybe it’s going to benefit my children if it's genetic if they get it later on in the future or my grandchildren and if they have to go through it and it helps them, then it's a blessing," Wolf said.

Wolf says now that the governor signed the legislation he'll no longer hand out the letters, instead he'll spend that precious time with his wife and kids.

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