Stateline Protesters Oppose US Involvement in Syria

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Activists from across the political spectrum in the Stateline are letting congressmen know they don't support military intervention in Syria.

The bi-partisan gathering included folks from the Progressive Democrats of America, Occupy Rockford, and members of the Rockford Tea Party. They all have the message for lawmakers in the Capitol: stay out of Syria. Organizers say they put this event together over the last couple of days using social media. They call themselves the Northern Illinois Light Brigade, and if you drove down I-90 near Rock Cut State Park on Sunday, you probably saw their signs spelling out “No More War” in bright lights. The group wanted to catch the attention of Labor Day travelers to try and get more people involved in the debate over what to do in Syria.

“In this time, when we have the chance to speak up, I'd like us to stay out of this hopeless war in the Middle East any more than we already have been,” says Bob Mlsna of the Rockford Tea Party.

“There are no good guys in this conflict and we need to sit this one out. We don’t have a horse in race,” says Del Wasso of the Progressive Democrats of America. “Democracy doesn't end on Election Day. It’s a 365 day job and we have an obligation to speak out when we need to speak out."

The group says they're planning a letter writing campaign to the Illinois senators and congressmen. Local congressman Adam Kinzinger says the president should have called in congress immediately to vote on u-s involvement in Syria. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos says she supports a US attack on the Syrian regime, just as long as it doesn't involve sending troops or engaging in full-scale war.