Stateline Training Center Offers Fitness Classes Without Machines

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- Getting to the gym can be a struggle and once you're there, it may still be hard to motivate yourself or even know what to do. Now a different kind of workout center could be turning into a new trend.

Jumping, punching and lifting... these people are working up a sweat at Power Combat Fitness in Belvidere. It's a training center -- without any machines.

"It's not just a weight training facility, we're not just doing running for cardio, so we put everything together and make a curriculum that really just kicks your butt when you're in here," says Matt Bouback, owner of Power Combat Fitness.

This is not your typical gym. People are running laps around here, they're running suicides, using sledge hammers and flipping tires, which doesn't lookg easy.

Stephanie Gunn can attest to that. She's lost 50 pounds in four months of working out at PCF.

"We have that trainer that's always there, motivating us and telling us good things to keep us going, sometimes they're in your face screaming at you and yelling at you but it gets you going even more," Gunn says.

Tom Abraham started training in January with no gym experience. Now he's helping motivate others.

"You just can't get enough of it," Abraham says. "It's hard to go to the gym and work out on your own and then get the results you want so that's why we have group training classes."

They also offer physical and nutritional training, so members can get the results they're working so hard for.

Power Combat Fitness just opened up another location in Byron about four months ago. Classes usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. It costs $60 a month with unlimited classes but they'll give you a free week to try it out. Bouback says most people attend three to four time a week to see results.

Click the attached link to check out PCF's website.

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