Stateline Gun Owners and Lawmakers Don't Want Gun Ban

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- While Governor Pat Quinn wants to make Illinois neighborhoods safer by eliminating assault rifles and high capacity ammunition, some believe he has his sights set on the wrong target.

The Illinois Public Safety Act would ban the possession, delivery, sale and purchase of assault weapons, large capacity ammunition feeding devices such as magazines or clips, and 50 caliber rifles and cartridges.

Quinn spoke Sunday at the site of a recent fatal shooting in Chicago and asked everyone to take action against gun violence, but some gun owners in the Stateline think those aren't the root of all of these shootings.

"The governor's going to want to put restrictions on everybody in the state because of what's happening in one corner of one city," said Lyle Kurz, a member of the Pine Tree Pistol Club. "That's not the good way we all learned in school that when the whole class got punished for what one or two people did, it did not sit very well with the whole class."

State Representative John Cabello and Senator Dave Syverson say they both oppose the proposed ban.

Syverson says the legislature will most likely not support it and that the governor is just trying to find a simple solution to the gang violence problems in Chicago.

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