Stateline Exterminator Sees Spike in Bed Bugs Calls

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With all of this rain the mosquitoes will be getting bad soon. But another kind of bug is already infesting the Stateline. There is a big bed bug outbreak.

Exterminator Brian Mitchell says "I always thought sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite was a myth."

For Mitchell that myth has become a money-making reality. He manages Burr Pest Control and says bed bugs have invaded the Rockford area.

"6 days a week we're open so we get about 14, 15 calls a week," Mitchell said

Mitchell says he receives so many calls he just hired more exterminators to help fight the problem. Getting rid of the bugs can cost us around $1,000.

So how do these creepy crawlers even pop up under our mattress? According to Mitchell they can travel home with us.

"A person who travels more has more opportunity to pick them up, someone who stays in hotel and it doesn't matter what, how much you paid for that hotel," Mitchell said.

There are ways we can protect ourselves. Experts say bed bugs travel on things, not people. So we should make sure to inspect our hotel bed when we check in. We're also told to put our luggage on a rack instead of the comforter .Mitchell also says we should place our bags in the tub or in a garbage bag when we leave the room .

Bill Hatfield With The Boone County Health Department SAYS
"They haven't shown where bed bugs carry any diseases that affects humans."

Hatfield says bed bugs don't cause any physical sickness. However, according to the CDC it can cause us severe stress. That's why Mitchell says it's important to get rid of the pests as soon as possible so we can sleep tight and not worry about any bites.

Another way to bring bed bugs into your home. Buying used or even new furniture. So far no area health departments have gotten involved... Since the bed bug problem isn't considered an infestation.

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