Stateline Communities Fearing Possible Salt Crisis

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ROSCOE (WIFR) – Hundreds of local governments were just told by the state they’d likely have to fend for themselves to find salt in time for next winter, which could cause the price of salt to double what it was last year.

Roscoe leaders say they’re shocked as they’ve relied on a state program which usually gets the city the salt they need at a low price.

After last year’s brutal winter, Roscoe and nearly 200 other municipalities were told they’d have to find salt on their own because the State couldn’t guarantee they’d be able to secure a bid from salt vendors. Roscoe Village President David Krienke says now he has to scramble to find salt before the prices skyrocket.
“It’s going higher as supply becomes less and you know these contracts, that’s going to be less salt that’s out there, so hopefully nobody, everybody purchases the salt they need and not get greedy.”

Rockford is in the same boat. Public Works Director Tim Hansen says last year the price for a ton of road salt cost around $65. This year, that could go up to as high as over $140.

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services are the ones who help communities get salt bids. They just responded to our newsroom saying they’re going to work with those communities who need help finding salt but there’s no guarantee to find a bid.

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