Stateline Bar Owners React to Concealed Carry Veto

STATELINE (WIFR) -- When it comes to guns, the clock is ticking for lawmakers in Springfield to take action on Governor Pat Quinn’s veto of concealed carry legislation.

Quinn has been touring the state to emphasize the importance of his revisions to the law. He appeared Sunday at a Baptist church in Chicago to discuss his plans to help Illinois communities end violence. Quinn wants to make sure no one can carry a weapon inside a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol. The version sent to him by lawmakers banned guns from any place where liquor sales make up half the total revenue. Some Stateline bar owners agree with the governor and say they don't want concealed weapons at their locations. Others think they should have the final say.

“I think the best idea is for the establishment itself to decide. I think the business owner knows what's best for his own business. That's what I’ve seen in other states they have no guns allowed or check your weapon. Everyone should have that right to do that at their own business,” says Jay Gesner, the owner of Souse’s Lounge in Rockford.

The deadline to pass a concealed carry law is Tuesday. Illinois is the last state not to have such a gun law on the books.

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