Stateline Braces for Potential Flooding

Photo by Melanie H.
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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Even though we didn’t get much rain today, some home-owners are worried about rising water.

At the intersection of 10th Street and 6th Avenue near Keith Creek, water can be seen bubbling up from the storm drains.

It’s not because there’s been so much rain today, instead, public works crews say it’s because the storm drains are filled with snow and ice and there’s nowhere for the water to go. It’s not just a problem here around Keith Creek, it’s happening all over the city. So today, crews are working overtime, trying to clear out and uncover the storm drains. Luckily, crews say the water hasn’t gotten into anyone’s homes, but it’s getting close in some places.

"I was using the shovel earlier to shovel the water out with the shovel and just throwing it out in the grass but then it’s all going to melt and rush back in there anyway,” said concerned resident Leeann Moore.

The public works department had more than 100 calls today from homeowners worried about rising water. Right now, crews are asking if we’re able to clear out the drains outside of our homes on our own. If water does begin to pond, that’s when we should call the public works department.

Public Works Crews are working overtime tonight to make sure all the drains are clear so the melting snow has someone to go. Tonight they may have to turn their focus back to salting streets if they start to get icy.

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