State Funding Cuts Could Hit Local Schools

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Kinnikinnick District is just one of many Stateline school districts that could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funding--a house proposal could mean more cuts for local schools.

The Illinois House is discussing 258-million dollars in cuts to education and that could cost some local school districts millions of dollars.

Here's a break down of some of those figures: Belvidere Schools could lose nearly 300-hundred thousand dollars, Winnebago could lose more than 600-thousand, and Rockford Public Schools could lose about three million from the eleven extra million they were supposed to get.

The numbers look like:

Belvidere: $281,907
Winnebago: $618,848
Rockford: $2,992,258

This is all being discussed as lawmakers look for a balanced 2013 budget.

IL State Board of Education Chair Gery Chico said, "If we don't say something about it now then the measure may just pass and people won't know about it until their checks from the state start to get smaller even smaller than they are right now."

Rep. Dave Winters said, "This is difficult news for local districts to hear but they need to know they're not the only ones in this boat that every local agency that receives state money will probably also face cuts to some extent."

Those are starting numbers. Those cuts could increase if the legislature doesn't make enough cuts to Medicaid.

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