State Rep. Cabello Considering Run for Minority Leader

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- He may be only a first term house member. But John Cabello is already thinking about running for minority leader. is the latest media agency speculating that current leader Tom Cross is looking at leaving his leadership post to concentrate on a run for Attorney General. And if that happens,

Cabello tells 23 News Anchor Mike Garrigan he's going to fight to become the top republican in the house.

CABELLO:"The goal is the more leadership we can get in this area and this region, the more it's going to help this area and this region. So I said I was going to go big or go home. I'm going big."

GARRIGAN: "Of course the biggest challenge would be that you haven't been there that long. Is that something you think you can overcome?"

CABELLO:"I think so because nobody else is talking about a plan. Everyone is just saying hey can I get your vote. Well I'm telling people a plan. I'm looking at trying to change the direction of the party by making sure we're more relevant."

In order to become minority leader you have to have the majority of your party's caucus voting for you. So right now Cabello would need 24 votes in the house to achieve that goal.

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