Starved Horse Adds 200 Pounds, Continues to Recover

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Six months after nearly dying from malnutrition a horse in Boone county looks like a whole new animal thanks to some dedicated volunteers.

Phoenix the horse is doing much better now, in part because he gets three meals a day to gain weight Since coming to Lora Bertell's farm in March, she says the horse has put on at least 200 pounds. Bertell says Phoenix still needs to gain another 80 pounds and then the hunt will be on for a new home.

"Every day I don't see many changes but then when someone comes over that hasn’t been over in a couple of weeks and says, ’Is that phoenix? He looks amazing!’ and I take a really good look and go back to those first pictures again and it’s been a wonderful process because he's just made it a joy," says Lora Bertell.

Bertell says Phoenix will always need to be fed away from other horses to make sure he gets the proper nutrition. No charges have been filed against the horse's previous owner.

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