Stand Up To Bullying Rally Unites Kids Against Bullies

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Parents fed up with seeing their children picked on at school plan an afternoon of fun on Saturday to allow their kids to meet other students who've dealt with the same problems.

The Stand Up to Bullying event was organized by Carmen Divan, after she says her son Payten Brown was abused by other students at Rock Cut Elementary School in Loves Park. She says it was important to her to introduce kids who have been victims of bullying to one another so they feel less isolated.

“I wanted them to see that they're important. That all these people are here for them and they're not what the kids call them or how they make them feel," says Carmen Divan.

“We’ve all been through the same stuff so we get along better," says Payten Brown.

"We got to let them know that it’s not their fault, there’s nothing wrong with them," says Brian Tobler.

Divan hopes after the last water balloons have popped and the temporary tattoos have washed away, the kids will stay friends and stick together in the face of cruel classmates.

"I want these kids to go back to school with their heads held high knowing their so important and they’re loved so much," says Divan.

A similar gathering is planned for July and August. To get involved, click here:

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