UPDATE: House Guns Bill Passes Committee

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Illinois legislation allowing public possession of concealed guns has passed the House Judiciary Committee. It was a compromise backed by Speaker Michael Madigan.

The measure was endorsed Thursday 13-3 and goes to the full House Friday. It comes two weeks before a June 9 deadline set by a federal appeals court for Illinois to abandon its prohibition on the public possession of weapons.

The legislation would require the Illinois State Police to issue concealed carry permits to qualified gun owners. It's patterned on a bill introduced by gun-rights advocate Rep. Brandon Phelps, a southern Illinois Democrat.

But Madigan's version significantly adds places that would be off limits to guns. Those include mass transit -- a must for violence-weary Chicago Democrats.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says legislation allowing the carrying of concealed guns will get a vote Friday.

The Chicago Democrat emerged from a private meeting of his caucus late Wednesday afternoon saying he believes there are sufficient votes to adopt a plan.

Madigan says the measure incorporates most of the items city of Chicago officials wanted in a gun-carry bill. Madigan's language tweaks an earlier proposal by Rep. Brandon Phelps -- a Harrisburg Democrat. Phelps says he's on board with the changes. He says the bill ensures "that good guys have guns."

A federal appeals court ruled in December than an Illinois ban on concealed carry is unconstitutional. It gave lawmakers until June 9 to remedy the situation.

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