Some Drivers Call for Stop Signs After Fatal Accident in Cherry Valley

CHERRY VALLEY (WIFR) -- Just a day after a fatal car crash at a local intersection, some drivers are warning us to be careful in that area.

Whether they're on their way to work or going home, many drivers say they use this intersection at Baxter and Mulford Roads. While some use it without problem, others say it can be a dangerous drive.

"If you're not from this area it can be kind of scary because there's a lot of semis and garbage trucks."

Lori Wright says she drives through the intersection of Baxter and Mulford Roads in Cherry Valley at least twice a day. She says one day she was almost involved in a bad crash.

"He was going south on Mulford and he did pull out in front of me, I didn't have enough time to slam on my brakes, I did swerve around him, missed him and didn't end up in a ditch thank God," said Wright.

Wright says some drivers aren't cautious when crossing the road.

"I think a lot of people might think it's a four way stop and it's not," said Wright.

Investigators say 62-year-old Debra Hopkins didn't yield to a semi driving East bound at this intersection which caused the fatal accident Monday morning. Wright says there should be a four way stop sign to prevent future accidents.

Winnebago County engineers say they would have to study traffic in the area first and say this intersection hasn't had many crashes.

Yet Wright says something needs to be done.

"Maybe the red flashers because at night if you're not from this area and you don't know there's a stop sign until it's too late," said Wright.

Some drivers say if people would follow the rules of the road by either stopping or yielding to crossing traffic that could help save more lives.

Right now, there are no plans to put four-way stop signs at Baxter and Mulford roads. County engineers say they're very careful to put stop signs at certain intersections because they say it could create more accidents.

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