Some Cyber Monday Deals Starting Sunday

Courtesy: MGN Online

BELOIT (WIFR) -- Although the busiest shopping day of the year is technically Monday, you can find some Cyber Monday deals right now.

According to experts at Fat Wallet, the reason that the windows for deal days like Cyber Monday keeps getting pushed earlier is because retailers are trying to get shoppers to make all of their holiday purchases with them. They say Cyber Monday deals are better suited for apparel and home items rather than electronics. They say sites like Fat Wallet are good for shoppers because it brings all of the deals to one place.

"Plan your shopping out so you can make smarter purchases without spending all of this time surfing around from store to store and then the big bonus is you can add cash back to the Cyber Monday purchases making most of those Cyber Monday deals even better savings," Brent Shelton, from Fat Wallet, said.

Shelton says Walmart made a huge announcement making their entire sale starting Sunday, and adds that when Walmart does something, other retailers are not too far behind.

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