Winter Means Boom for Some Businesses, Bust for Others

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ROCKFORD (WIFR)-- The cold weather means more business for some stores, but others not so much.

"It's so discouraging to put so much work and effort into something you like doing to have nobody come in,"

The last three weeks have been rough for bartender Caitlin Dull. Thanks to snow and sub-zero temperatures, fewer customers are coming into Whiskeys Roadhouse in Rockton. That means she's losing out on hundreds of dollars.

"The cold nights here are just terrible for business, and especially lately with how its been below zero."

Dull says she typically only has to work a couple days a week to pay her bills but is now working three times as much to make the same amount.

"The nights where its below zero we're lucky if we have ten people come through the door."

That means a major hit for the bar's bottom line. Dull says business is down about 20%. Meanwhile, delivery drivers at Giuseppe's Pizza are raking in the dough. Business there is up 20%.

"With the colder weather a lot of people don't want to come out so deliveries have been really busy."

Domin says the phone calls are ringing off the hook.

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