Social Media Helping Catch Criminals

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FREEPORT (WIFR) – Crimestoppers and Social Media are helping one local police department fight crime.

Chief Investigators in Freeport say it’s hard to tell for sure, but they feel Crimestoppers and a new website highlighting the city’s most wanted suspects, along with Facebook may have convinced a man to turn himself in.

“I know that the exposure that we’ve had through Crimestoppers and our own Facebook account was much greater than any exposure that we’ve had in years past on these kinds of things. Both of those things are great tools for us to use in law enforcement,” says Lt. Albert Marney with the Freeport Police Department.

In the six months or so Freeport Police have been posting crime and suspect related information on the department’s Facebook page, they’ve gotten numerous tips from the community leading to arrests.

Freeport Police started using their Facebook page to post mug shots and inform the public in February. In the past six months, they’ve been able to reach roughly 2,900 likes. The Rockford Police Department also has a Facebook page with about 5,000 likes.

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