Snowy Owls Migrating to the Stateline

DURAND (WIFR) -- It's not often we can catch a glimpse of a snowy owl in this part of the Midwest, but wildlife experts say this winter, the rare bird has been making appearances farther south.

The snowy owl typically lives in the tundra of Canada, but will travel as far south as Louisiana to find food. This winter these owls have been sighted around the great lakes in search of prey such as lemmings.

A bird was found around Galena suffering from a broken wing. She is being rehabilitated at Hoo Haven in Durand until doctors can determine if she can be released back into the wild.

"They're different. They're different in how they fly. They'll be on the ground a lot. With that five foot wing span they are the second heaviest owl. Over 10 years ago we had one that we totally rehabbed and had it taken up to Canada," Karen Herdklotz, Director of Hoo Haven, said.

When they end up this far south, snowy owls can sometimes be found around airports because the wide open space are similar to their natural habitat on the tundra.

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