Snow Storm Causes Trips to Emergency Room

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- All this snow means a lot of people are out shoveling and snow blowing their driveways and sidewalks, but it could pose a danger to your health.

The emergency room at SwedishAmerican hospital saw a number of snow-related injuries today, including one man who was hurt by his snow blower.

Most of the injuries E.R. doctors see though are muscle strains, usually in the back from shoveling all that wet, heavy snow, and bumps and bruises from people slipping and falling

But even though snow blowers make moving the snow easier, you have to be careful around them.

Dr. Chad Thompson tells us, "Snowblowers are just like lawnmowers. If you need to do something to them make sure you turn them off and the engine is done and the auger is done moving before you reach around to look at your snow blower or to touch it."

During snow storms like today's, Dr. Thompson also see's a lot of people involved in minor traffic accidents. He reminds everyone to take it slow on the roads.

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