Skatepark Gets a Facelift

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- There seems to be no obstacle too high for Rockford's skateboarders.

Volunteers with Friends of the Skateparks spent two hours Saturday morning cleaning up the Washington Park Community Center Skatepark.

People picked weeds, painted and replaced the wood on the ramps.

Washington Park's ramps and rails were erected two years ago and have quickly become a popular spot for skaters and bladers.

"Parents are working all the time or they're not around and this is a great sport where kids can come down, get a little mentoring, get a little coaching and have free expression," said Friends of the Skateparks Coordinator Tracy White.

The park is the only one in the district that offers hands-on training onsite. Lessons are every Saturday for kids aged 5-18 who are also enrolled in programs at the Community Recreation Center.

But with all that White and his team have accomplished, there's still one more hurdle he's trying to ollie over.

"We want to have an indoor skatepark," said White. "With the seasons out here, it's very necessary to grow the sport. There's been 20 years of privately run skateparks in Rockford and we want to take it to the next level and as the park district says, reach that higher top."

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