Six The Montford Point Marines Visit Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- More of the veterans who fought in World War II are passing away and their stories are dying with them. Lucky for us in Rockford, we get a chance to learn from a special group of marines who served during that time.

The Montford Point Marines were the first African Americans allowed in the Marine Corps in 1942. Six of them are in Rockford to share their stories about the hardships they faced while training at the segregated facility at Montford Point at Camp Lejeune, NC. The oldest of the Montford Point Marines vesting the Forest City is 91-years-old. The Marines say they have mixed emotions remembering their service.

"I guess we could say it was a sweet hell. It was something you felt very proud because you had that pride to go in against the hurdles you had to face and it was very joyous. A bitter joyous experience," says Stanley Porter, who served as a gun captain in WWII.

The six Marines will be at Veterans Memorial Hall from 1-4:30pm on Sunday, February 2, 2013, for a meet and greet with the public. The cost is $5. For more about the Montford Point Marines visit

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