Six Rock County Jail Inmates Taken to Hospital After Ingesting Jimsonweed

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ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) -- Around 11:00 p.m. on March 31, 2014, correctional staff at the Rock County jail discovered an inmate who was acting strange. The inmate was immediately examined by jail medical staff and after an investigation by the staff, it was revealed that six (6) inmates had ingested jimsonweed, a type of plant that can cause delirium or hallucinations among other symptoms. In large doses, jimsonweed can cause death.

The six inmates were transported by deputies to Mercy Hospital where they were admitted for treatment and medical observation.

A shakedown of the inmate housing unit did not result in locating any jimsonweed. Detectives are conducting further investigation into this incident to determine if any illegal activity occurred and if this was deliberate or accidental.

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