Six Janesville Police Officers Honored by Department

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- The Janesville Police Department recently awarded Letters of Commendation to six officers. This award is given by the Chief of Police to any employee who performs a particularly noteworthy act of service. The actions of the employee must be beyond the normal expectation of duty and based upon a determined and intelligent performance. The following officers recently received a Letter of Commendation for the actions listed below.

• Sergeant Brian Donohoue and Officers Sean Jauch, Craig Klementz, and Paul McBride

On 3/10/14 The Janesville Police Department hosted the International Conference of Police Chaplains. This was a three day event that took place at the Holiday Inn Express. There were over 150 police chaplains from agencies across the Midwest and Canada that attended along with their family members. The conference was comprised of 24 difference training topics, and four separate social and ceremonial events.

Officer Sean Jauch, Officer Paul McBride, Officer Craig Klementz and Sergeant Brian Donohoue began planning for this nationally recognized event nearly two years prior. This planning required the officers to arrange for lecture topics, practical exercises, hotel accommodations, travel plans, meals, honor guard display, entertainment, family activities, ceremonies and course curriculum. They spent several hours a day planning this event, including much of their own time. The officers managed to maintain their other required duties for the police department while planning this event.

• Officers Justin Popovich and Daniel Schoonover

Around 8 p.m. on April 8, 2014, officers were dispatched to a check welfare complaint at 33 S. Main Street for a woman standing on a ledge of the building near the roof. Officer Popovich was the first to arrive on scene and found a woman standing on a small brick protrusion on the side of the building near the roof, three stories above the street.

Officer Popovich began to talk with the woman. She told him that voices in her head were telling her to jump. He gave clear, calm commands and dialogue and kept her focused to the officers on the street.

Meanwhile, Officer Schoonover arrived at the scene and immediately started to look for a way to reach the subject. He used a staircase at the back of the building, jumped onto the railing and then scaled the conduit up to the roof. He quickly approached and grabbed a hold of the woman with both hands pulling her back onto the roof and away from the ledge. He assured the woman of her safety and assisted her until the fire department raised a ladder to safely help her down from the roof.

Officer Popovich’s clear, concise commands and Officer Schoonover’s quick actions most likely saved the woman’s life, as she was set on jumping off the building.

The department would like to hereby publicly acknowledge these officers for their commendable actions. Their dedication and performance is recognized and respected by the Janesville Police Department.

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