Sicilian Tradition Brings Long Lines to St. Anthony Church

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- While families across the Stateline celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, dozens of others are taking part in a Sicilian tradition at a local church.

Saint Anthony Church’s held its annual Saint Joseph's Day Altar and Feast. In the past, families who lived on Rockford's south west side held the celebrations in their home to feed the poor along with friends and relatives. Parishioners had everything from pasta to Italian pastries.

"We even had more cooks, more volunteers, and more sweets...people bringing in their specialty cakes and cookies,” said Saint Anthony Pastor, Rev. James Ciaranitaro. “It's been wonderful.” He also said “I don't know if the new Pope had anything to do with it,” as he began to smile.

The altar marks the coming of spring.

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