Shot and Killed Armed Robber's Name Released

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New details on the teenage suspect who was killed last night while trying to rob a jewelry store. His name has been released.

"It was scary and sad too, because we heard that somebody got killed," said Sonya, owner of North Towne Liquor.

A couple doors down from the liquor store Sonya and her husband own, 17-year-old Brandon Pierce was shot to death while attempting to rob the nearby jewelry store. Pierce entered Jewelry Concepts at the North Towne Mall carrying a gun a little before 5 P.M. Friday. The property manager says police told him the owner shot and killed Pierce before he was able to get away.

"The owner got scared too. Because they both have guns," said Sonya. "I mean, probably, he shot him because he was scared."

We spoke with a family member of Pierce today, and while they didn't want to comment on camera, they did tell us Brandon had a baby on the way.

"I thought it was very sad. Very sad that a 17-year-old thought that was the right thing to do. To pull a gun on somebody," said Mark Koenig, who visits the North Towne Mall frequently. "I don't know how you think there aren't going to be consequences, either illegal, or in the worst case like this, death."

An autopsy for Pierce is scheduled for Monday.

We spoke with the owner of Jewelry Concept, but he said he and his employees would not be able to talk on the record while police are investigating the incident.

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