Shoppers Prepare for Black Friday

One hundred forty seven million people are expected to wait in line this Black Friday as stores across the nation compete for our business.

The National Retail Federation said although that number sounds high, it's actually a a slight decrease from the 152 million who planned to do so last year.

If you're getting tons of text and email offers, it turns out it's not going to stop any time soon. The promotions are expected to continue past Black Friday. Some shoppers said they are getting prepared.

"I'll be here at Target. There's a couple things I was looking for. I was over at Mom's today for coffee and I was looking through their ads," said Timothy Turngren, who shops Black Friday every year.

"We get a ton of ads in the newspaper and we just look through them and see what we're going to be looking for so we know what to do when we get to the store," said Adie Brown, who goes with her family each year.

We know a lot of you have crazy traditions on Black Friday, and we would like to hear about them.. just head to our Facebook page to share your plan.

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