Rockford Sharefest Projects Almost Complete

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Kids in the Rockford Public School District head back to school on Monday and some students will be walking into major improvements thanks to thousands of volunteers with Sharefest.

New furniture is being assembled and moved in to Roosevelt Community Education Center. The high school is a part of this summer's Sharefest project.

"All the paint, new furniture, new carpeting, this place is just going to rock," said Rockford Sharefest director Creig Day.

Most of the building was painted with accent colors to make the architecture pop.

Day said, "When someone comes into a place that looks like it's been cared for, that looks like it's calling the best out of them, they respond by giving their best."

Downtown Rockford also looks a little more beautiful. New this year, Sharefest worked in the community as well, putting in more than 3,000 plants and painting lamp posts.

Marge Bevers has lived at the corner of West State street and Wyman streets for nearly 15 years, part of the area that was beautified.

"It's buoyed the spirits of all of us who live and work downtown and play down here, but I think it's given the rest of the community something to be proud of," said Bevers.

For the transformation of downtown and Roosevelt, we have about 2,700 volunteers to thank, who put in dozens of hours of hard work.

Sharefest wants to continue beautifying downtown as part of next year's project. A full plan, including a new school to be made-over, will be announced in the Spring.

Roosevelt is the 13th school that Sharefest has revamped within the last eight years.

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