Sequestration Hits Stateline Health Care Agencies

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Following $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that took effect this month, local health agencies have started to see which areas will be hit the hardest.

The Winnebago County Health Department's funding will be cut by $500,000, and that will force administrators to reduce services like cancer screenings, child vaccinations and HIV testing. The CEO of SwedishAmerican Hospital, Dr. Bill Gorski, says his hospital his planned for a 2% reduction, which could impact their surgery unit. However he says these cuts won't hurt workers.

"How do we consume resources in surgery, what’s the cost of that, is there a way to standardize that better, actually bringing forward a less expensive way to produce surgical outcomes in surgery that doesn't impact staff at all," says Gorski.

Local agencies should learn more details on how they'll be impacted by sequester cuts, after March 27th. That's when Congress could vote on a new funding law.

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