Sequester Deal Unlikely

WASHINGTON D.C. (WIFR) -- In a last ditch effort to avoid $85-billion dollars in spending cuts, republicans and democrats are each offering up their own senate bill today that would replace across-the-board cuts with more gentle alternatives.

However, democrats want tax hikes on the wealthy and republicans don't. That’s why neither bill is expected to pass. That means sequestration will almost certainly go into effect tomorrow, which could lead to hundreds of thousands of government layoffs.

The president of SupplyCore in Rockford says he's already noticed a 40-to-50% decline in their leading indicators from the feds this year, and is ready to have some certainty, whether good or bad.

"Our sales orders coming in are off significantly some of that is a result of posturing, no one knows what's going to happen to their pot of money with sequestration so there is extra being held back today,” said SupplyCore President and CEO Peter Provenzano.

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