Semi Truck Catches Fire in I-90/Route 20 Accident

UPDATE: Just before 2:00 p.m. all lanes were said to be open in both directions following the accident Wednesday morning at I-90 west of US-20 ramps.

BOONE COUNTY - An accident early Wednesday morning disrupted traffic flow at I-90 and Route 20.

Before 5:30 a.m., a truck-tractor semi trailer was traveling eastbound in a construction zone. For an unknown reason, the driver veered to the left. The vehicle struck the center median and caught fire.

At that time, a pick-up truck was traveling westbound on I-90. The truck was hit by debris and diesel fuel from the other vehicle catching fire.

The driver of the truck-tractor semi trailer suffered a minor injury; the other driver suffered no injuries.

Westbound traffic is being diverted off Route 20. Eastbound traffic is being diverted off I-90 at Genoa Road.

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