Security Upgrades for Winnebago County Jail

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Winnebago County spent millions building its jail and now it needs to spend almost $200,000 dollars to replace security cameras inside.

Winnebago County Chairman Scott Christensen says the security upgrades were budgeted for and the county knew when it initially installed the cameras that they would have to be replaced. It's too expensive to replace parts and some parts aren't being made anymore. The cameras were installed in 2005 and they only last about 5 years before breaking down.

"It's typical the world we're in, the technology world that we're in, that there's an ongoing upgrade. You know, has it improved things? Clearly it has. But there's a cost that goes with it,” said Scott Christiansen.

Christiansen says it will probably take some time to replace the cameras, so they can make sure that no area of the jail is unsecured. The total cost of the project is $170,000. Cameras are in every room of the facility.

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