Security Measures in Place for AirFest

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- AirFest 2014 is expected to bring in more than 120,000 people this weekend and with an attendance that high security is a top priority.

As thousands file through the gates for AirFest private security officers from Metro Enforcement will already be in place making sure we stay safe.

"AirFest is a nice family event. It's usually very friendly, we haven't had in the 8 to 9 years we've been doing it haven't had any really major incidents," RFD Operations Manager Zack Oakley, said.

That's partly because officers will be making sure we're not bringing any prohibited items into the show. Coolers, food, drinks, and weapons of any kind even with a concealed carry license are not allowed. Officers will also check bags and purses at the gate.

"Large chairs, things like that, things to sit on, that’s all fine, but everything is subject to search," Oakley explained.

All six firefighters on the airports crew along with help from area departments are ready to act at a moment's notice. In fact, firefighters have been doing extra training to prepare for this weekend.

"Just getting familiar with their planes, ejection seats, all that, off switches. Just normal formalities in case something would happen we're more familiar with their aircraft," Rockford Airport Authority Fire Chief Jim Klinefelter said.

The biggest concern for AirFest officials: That we keep ourselves healthy.

"Dress for the weather, drink plenty of fluids, you know get out of the sun as best you can," Chief Klinefelter suggested.

Rockford officers will also be inside the airport grounds along with K-9's. Winnebago County Sheriff's Deputies will be working traffic control.

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