Bar Hired Unlicensed Security Firm

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The San Jose Night Club has been closed since two people were killed just outside earlier this month. The club's attorney says next week they'll forfeit their liquor license and close for good. We've learned the owners took a short-cut in protecting clubgoers that could have made a difference in the night's fatal outcome.

The company that provided security to San Jose Night Club when shots rung out is not licensed by the State of Illinois.

"You're basically a bouncer, with no authority," says Security Professionals of IL owner Juan Reyes.

Through their attorney, San Jose's owners say they didn't realize Juarez Security may not have been the best choice.

"They asked if they had a license, they produced a City of Belvidere business license. They assumed because they had they were properly licensed with the State of Illinois and that was an assumption they shouldn't have made," says Attorney Chuck Prorok.

Owners initially listed Security Professionals of Illinois as the agency protecting their parties. But owner Juan Reyes says he quit the job in mid-September. A job that required eight officers a night and netted two grand a week.

"He started breaking us down four instead of eight, ultimately he stopped paying or was defaulting on payments so what happened I said you know what you've got a deadline, if I don't get paid, I've got to pull my officers."

Juarez Security is cheaper. City officials blame them for not enforcing the dress code, which has been linked to contributing to the violence outside.

Attorney Prorok says San Jose's owners were having financial troubles and that's why they went with a cheaper security firm. We were unable to find a contact number for Juarez Security.

Security Professionals of Illinois is continuing to provide officers to the San Jose restaurant which is owned by the same people and located down the street.

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