School Board Still Deciding Between Top 2 Superintendent Candidates

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- If you have an 8th grader this year in the Rockford School District, you've seen four different school superintendents at the helm. Now the board is looking to hire on its fifth leader in eight years and this search for a new school leader is a little different than in years past.

School board members say they've got a tough decision to make, partly because the board has had so much time to work with and really get to know the two candidates, Matt Vosberg and Ehren Jarrett.
The pair was hired by Interim Superintendent Dr. Robert Willis eighteen months ago. In that time, they've helped re-instate the 7th period, create career academies and expand pre-school. Both Vosberg and Jarrett have told the board, even if they don’t get the top job; they want to stay on in District 205 to support these programs. Board members say, that's part of reason why they couldn’t reach a decision on Saturday.

"It's not that were not giving you a decision because we didn't like them. The problem is we like them both,” says Rockford school board Vice President Jude Makulec. “They both have different strengths and we need to decide whose strengths best meet the focus and mission of the district moving forward."

For both Vosberg and Jarrett, this would be the first time they've led a school district; before coming to District 205, they were principals at other local high schools. The board will meet again on Tuesday in closed session to discuss the two candidates. Board members say they are optimistic they'll make a decision that night.

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