Schaumburg Officers Accused of Seizing, Then Selling Narcotics

CHICAGO (AP) -- Three suburban police officers have been charged with operating a drug ring using marijuana and cocaine seized from dealers.

A DuPage County judge yesterday set bond at $750,000 for the Schaumburg officers. They each face multiple charges, including drug conspiracy, armed violence and theft.

Prosecutors say instead of registering drugs the officers confiscated as evidence, they kept some, sold it and divided the profits.

The Drug Enforcement Agency participated in the investigation of the officers.

The head of Chicago's DEA office, Jack Riley, said about the case that, in his words, "this is a sad day for the good guys." He added that public officials who would engage in trafficking "are a disgrace to the badge they carry."

If convicted, the men could face a maximum 40-year prison term.

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