UPDATE: Saudargas Petitioning to Get Name on Ballot

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UPDATE: She may be 96-years-old, but her age isn't stopping her fight to get back on the Rockford School Board.

Alice Saudargas says she will file a petition to get her name back on the April ballot. She was kicked off when the electoral board ruled she didn't have enough valid signatures.

You may recall, Saudargas wasn't there to challenge that hearing. Saudargas says that's because she was hospitalized and couldn't find anyone to go in her place. She's also collected sworn affidavits from some of the people whose signatures were challenged. A circuit judge will hear her case.

UPDATE: ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- As of right now, Alice Saudargas is off the ballot for Rockford School Board. However, the 96-year-old is continuing to fight for her old seat in sub-district C. She didn't show up to a hearing today, on a challenge that she didn't collect enough signatures. Saudargas tells us that's because she couldn't hire an attorney in time. She has released affidavits signed by eight voters whose signatures were declared invalid. If those signatures are allowed, she would have the 50 needed to run for school board.

According to electoral board member Harmon Mitchell, the panel did not have these affidavits when they made their ruling this afternoon. Saudargas says she might run was a write in candidate in April.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Former, long-time District 205 school board member, Alice Saudargas, wants her seat back, but she's facing quite the challenge getting her name on the April ballot.

An electoral board met just a few hours ago to hear objections to Saudargas' signatures supporting her as a candidate.

Julie Pick, a resident of sub-district C, the area in which Saudargas lives and wants to represent, filed the objection. Her attorney is questioning 28 of Saudargas' 69 signatures.

"Every candidate has the right to file petitions and run for a seat on the school board and Alice certainly has that right and if she entrusted people to circulate petitions on her behalf, it still behooves Alice to check the petitions and make sure they meet the letter of the law,” said Electoal Board Member Harmon Mitchell.

Mark Bonne’s name is listed as the main petition circulator on Saudargas’ petitions. Bonne is the former communications director for District 205. He says Saudargas is in the hospital with the stomach flu but she does plan to be at the hearing when it continues on Tuesday, so she can present her side of the story.

Bonne tells us that Saudargas has collected sworn affidavits from enough of the signees in question to get her past the required 50 signatures. The affidavits say that the signees are registered voters, that it is their signatures, and that they live in Saudargas' sub-district. Bonne also says Saudargas plans to take this matter to court if she's not allowed on the ballot.

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