UPDATE: Sandy Causing Widespread Damage

UPDATE: MICHIGAN (AP) -- The severe weather that's bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard could lead to massive waves on parts of Lake Michigan.

The National Weather Service says waves could 10 to 18 feet by this afternoon and then build to 20 to 33 feet tomorrow before subsiding.

QUEENS, NY (AP) -- Firefighters in New York City are not only dealing with dangerous flood waters from Sandy; they are also battling a huge fire that broke out late Monday night in Rockaway Park, Queens. Monster flames quickly spread from one building destroying more than 50 structures.

As of 3 a.m. Tuesday morning the fire was still burning. Fire crews tell CBS that at least two people are injured. Water pressure is low making fire fighting difficult. Crews are using water from the flood to battle the flames.


NEW YORK CITY (WIFR) -- This is a long night for residents up and down the east coast. The storm that was Hurricane Sandy crashed ashore in New Jersey, but is causing widespread damage for from Massachusetts to Virginia and beyond.

New York City which is experiencing historic flooding, and where at least five deaths have been blamed on the storm.

NYU Hospital is being evacuated, the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel has flooded and the entire area is without power.

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