San Jose Shooting Investigation

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We're hearing for the first time tonight from one of the security guards who witnessed the San Jose shooting. Police say two people died in the chaos after a car accident that followed gunfire.

City attorneys tell us the nightclub has decided to shut down. The owners gave up their liquor license and are now trying to prevent paying thousands of dollars to the city in police response costs. Lawyers will head into a meeting tomorrow.

In the meantime, outside the business, a former security guard for the club says he's frustrated with the way San Jose has handled the shooting. He's now protesting on East State Street. Brian Hawkins says his car was caught in the cross fire and that his vehicle no longer works. He says a crack in a radiator part is actually a bullet hole. Hawkins believes San Jose should pay for the repairs since the shooting happened on their property while he was working for them.

"I decided to go this route because I feel that this is the best way. I figured if I got more news on the situation I could put some pressure on them and get some help,” said Hawkins.

In an interview recorded the day after the shooting, the owner told 23 News that he cannot control what happens in the parking lot and in the street. Although, this is where the city gets involved. Attorneys say some security guards told officers that the fighting started inside, meaning that the nightclub may be responsible for the fees.

San Jose’s attorney says he is working something out with Hawkins when it comes to liability insurance. We’ll have more on the investigation tonight on the 23 News Update at 10.

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