San Jose Nightclub Controversy

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- This weekend's crime spree has Stateline business owners on edge and after a gun fight outside San Jose Nightclub on East State Street, local leaders say they want the business closed.

Sunday morning a fight in San Jose Nightclub poured out into the parking lot. Police say one man is dead and five more were injured after cars driving the wrong way on East State Street started shooting at each other before crashing.

It's this type of public violence that has local leaders upset. Alderman Frank Beach says the property has been a problem for more than a decade as business owners come and go making promises and then breaking them.

The owner says he can't be responsible for what happens outside of his club, but local leaders say that's not acceptable.

"The businesses around here are not liking it, the neighborhood around here is not liking it, it's not safe to be around when these things go on, and something must be done,” said Beach.

Alderman Beach called the mayor early this morning to discuss what can be done to shut the club down. We'll have the latest information on those talks tonight on the 23 News at 10 after city council.

There have been many nightclubs in the same location, with trouble starting in the early 2000’s. It was a non-alcoholic teen club called Zero Gravity. It's a huge space, and they weren't able to break even, so they got a liquor license. No matter what it's been called since then, Elixir, Colicm, Tabu, the police say they are always being called.

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