San Jose Liquor License Dispute

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The nightclub at the center of a violent shootout will likely lose its liquor license and close for business.

Today the Liquor Control Commission held a hearing to see if the San Jose cultural center, which is its technical name could keep its liquor license.

Lawyers for the city say they've reached a tentative agreement with the owners of San Jose, but they still need to work out the final details. It looks like San Jose will agree to surrender its liquor license and close its doors.

The hearing is continued for a week for the parties to reach an agreement. Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey suspended the club's liquor license through Friday and it will stay closed until the next hearing. The city says the nightclub has become a nuisance and the night the violence broke out, the club violated its liquor license by not having proper security at the business.

"With the deaths and the violence that have that occurred at the nightclub, as well as with history of problems at that location, this is an extremely important issue for the city of Rockford,” said Rockford mayor, Larry Morrissey.

The city also says people who came to the club the night of the gunfire were openly displaying gang signs and were violating the dress code. In order to get a liquor license in the first place, San Jose had to promise that its customers would behave.

There really wasn't much discussion today on whether security screened people for weapons before entering the club. The original agreement said San Jose was required to hire a specific security company and that company was supposed to screen people for drugs and weapons. It’s unclear if that happened on the night in question.