Sales Tax Increase Back On April Ballot in Boone Co.

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Voters in Boone County might get a little déjà vu when they go to the voting booth in April. A measure that failed in November is back on the ballot and supporters of a sales tax increase think it could pass the second time around.

The Belvidere School Board decided to put this question on the ballot again, whether to increase the county's sales tax by one percent. The proposal lost by less than 400 votes in November. Board members say, they've heard from many in the community who were surprised by the outcome and are now motivated to do more this time around. The plan is to focus on giving more information to voters on exactly what the sales tax increase could do for the Belvidere and North Boone School Districts. About 2 million dollars could come to District 100 to pay off debt from the construction of new schools. However, some Boone County voters seem to already have their minds made up about the measure.

"In November, I voted against it and if it goes back on the ballot I will vote against it again,” says Boone County resident Ed Peters. “We pay high taxes as it is and with people losing their homes, they can’t afford a higher sales tax."

"In the past and right now, all of the burden has fallen on property owners I think this is a more equitable way of taxing people,” says Dee Monson.

The Belvidere School Board is hoping more influential members of the community will pitch in to educate their neighbors about the sales tax increase.

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